Switch Cursor 2

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Users of assistive technology can now add switch control to Windows applications
Switch Cursor 2 is a switch-driven mouse emulator that gives users of one or two switches full control of the mouse without taking up any valuable screen space. SwitchCursor remains hidden until you press a switch and then presents cross-hairs and a button display at the cursor location.

Each button can be assigned one of 27 commands. These include moving the cursor in one of eight directions, single- and double-click left mouse button and right-click mouse button. The cursor can be made to skip rapidly across the screen or to move slowly to hit a small target accurately.

SwitchCursor also enables you to drop hotspots at places you visit regularly. You can even move and resize windows, and highlight text for dragging and dropping.

It is fully functional in Vista, even on the Welcome screen and those annoying security confirmation screens.

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